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We work to promote Ethiopian History

We can organize your Trip to everywhere in North Ethiopia (Tigray Region, Aksum, Gheralta and Simien Mountains), as well as South Ethiopia.

Historic sites

Visit impressive historic sites in the north of ethiopia! The City of Aksum (Axum), Gheralta and Tigray Churches, Omo Valle and many more!

Ethiopia wild nature

You might travel alone or with small groups.  Visit Simien Mountains, Danakil Depression and many more! 

Easy transport

We can arrange any type of transport in Ethiopia. Travel between sites and cities, rent an own car or get picked up from the airport!

Your unforgettable adventure is our mission.

We are very flexible to fit your needs, so the time you spend with us will be easy, fun and unforgettable!

We want to make visiting Ethiopia easy for everyone.

We have been working with tourists for many years, helping them to have an unforgettable and great travel experience in Ethiopia.

We know almost everything about Ethiopia (especially the north) and we’re willing to share this with people from around the world.

Our goal is to make traveling easy for tourists, connect to ethiopian culture and build a business which is fair for everyone.

Flexible to fit your needs

only small groups

decent prices

Arrè fisha

Travel Expert for Ethiopia

Hi! I'm Arrè.

I’m from Axum in the north of Ethiopia.

I’ve graduated with diploma on Tourism Management and attended a theological School which helps me a lot to understand the mystery behind the Ethiopian Orthodox Religion.

Born and raised here, I’m working with tourists all my life. I help people all around the world experience the beauty and mysteries of Ethiopia, our religion and culture.

So I started Arre Tours, to get my team involved and organize professional tours for everyone!

Happy Memories from our Travelers

Many great people had a great time in Ethiopia - and Arre Tours helped.

We met Arrè by chance in Aksum and this was really a huge luck! He organized our trip from Aksum to Debark and from there to Semien Mountains. The whole Trip was just amazing and very well organized. Arrè stayed in touch to make sure we have great experience! Besides that we hat a great day trip in Aksum, where we talked a lot about Ethiopia with him and had a lot of fun!

Markus & Nico

Markus and Nico

I was with Arrè for just a couple of days in and around Axum but had an amazing time with him. A friend and I hired him to visit some farmlands in the Tigray region to meet and speak to locals and Arrè was incredibly helpful in arranging and translating for us. He was also very calm and composed and made us feel incredibly comfortable with him. Next time I am in Ethiopia, I will definitely spend more time with him. 



Living and working in Ethiopia I’ve come to Axum a couple of times. All of my trips to Axum were super fun and well- organized, because I was so lucky to have ran into Arrè when I came there for the first time.
He is such a polite and reliable person and has always managed to organize lovely hotels and trips with good and safe drivers.
His English is very good, too!


Some Impressions from Ethiopia

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